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Sugar You’re My Weakness, I love You So



February is coming to and end and so is my monthly resolution of No Sugar, well, reduced sugar intake.  You know what I figured out.  I was eating 1/2 cup to 1 cup of sugar every day…holy flip a cow…before I did this resolution.  I went down from that to about 55 grams a day which is about 1/4 of a cup. 

I thought that I would be begging anyone I saw with a cup cake in hand for a bite when I did this, but the first two weeks of February was surprisingly easy.  But then Vegas happened.  The saying, “What Happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” kept spinning through my head and, alas, I broke down which didn’t take much and drank my first Pepsi in 20 days, boy it tasted so good.  But I did realize one good thing I didn’t go crazy and eat sugar every day.  Plus, I felt like crap after having that much sugar and it helped me keep on track.

So, needless to say this resolution was a success because I kept my sugar intake down.  I feel so much better and have more energy, just wish that I could have lost a truck load of weight but 2 lbs isn’t bad.  I still pick sugar as my drug of choice but I don’t eat so much anymore but Girl Scout Cookies are the most awesome cookie in the world.  Well, here comes another month.

For March I plan on keeping my word not only to those I talk to but most of all to myself, so if I tell myself I am going to go to the gym well I gotta go no excuses.  

Gonna go get a cookie now.  To Reduced Sugar Intake,




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2014 Resolutions

   ImageResolutions Suck!  Well, they do for me because I have a tendency to try to do to much in too little time.  Like: must learn to knit in two days; train and run marathon in a month; or lose 30 lbs in one week.  Yup, not gonna happen.  So, my resolutions are short lived but I think I have come up with a good solution.  I am going to do mini-resolutions and make them realistic.  

    It’s time to change things up and to do it in an efficient manner.  Time to pick little goals I know I can stick to each month.  And guess what?!  My first mini-resolution is over with and I have completed it.   I decided that I want to write a book, cuz I have a lot of crazy shit flying around in my head.  So what better way to put all my funny, scary and loving thoughts into a book.  My first mini-resolution is to write in my book every day of January even if it’s one word or many.  

     Yup, this woman actually stuck to her resolution, I am doing my own boogie dance in front of the computer…hooray!  Okay, so I am capable of sticking to resolutions just as long as I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  

   So, here comes February and I have decided to give up sugar, yup you heard me right sugar.  28 days without the white sugary goodness.  I am gonna craaaaash.  Well, let’s see how I do.  Here’s to the month of love and no yummy treats full of the white sugar that is my crack.  



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I Want a Minion

Bee Doo

Sometimes being single can be frustrating especially when you would like someone there to help you move furniture, put lotion on your back for the pool or even to be a motivator. So, I awoke not too long ago and realized to bad that the Despicable Me minion’s are cartoons and not real, because wouldn’t it be fun to have a few around for entertainment, help and encouragement.

I could perfectly picture having a couple of minions especially now that I want to take up running again. I picture them rowing in a boat that is on wheels of course, rowing backwards down the street. Don’t know why I picture them in a boat on land but I do. One yellow little guy in his blue overalls and goggle holding a bull horn and saying bee doo bee doo, as I run behind the boat training for my marathon. I can also see the other little minion rowing the boat becoming annoyed with the bee doo bee doo’er and jumping on him and pummeling him to get him to stop.

Boy, that would be so enjoyable to experience. They would be a source of so much laughter. Oh, well I guess I will have to stick with my human minions my two nephews and niece, I at least got my nephew Josh to say bee doo bee doo often. Now I wonder if his mom would get mad if I painted him yellow and dressed him in overalls and goggles, we shall see what happens…


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My Frogs


Being a single woman can be great at times, freeing, frustrating and surprising. I myself have gone on quite a few dates and some of those dates have ranged from interesting, weird, expensive, hurtful, flirtatious and boring. I have been told you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find that one who is disguised as your prince. Well so far I am batting a zero in the prince department but the frogs that I have encountered have each taught me something about myself. Dating all these different guys has been helpful in developing who I am becoming…a woman who likes her queen size bed to herself, I joke, I joke. Seriously though all these different kinds of dates I have gone on has me developing a strong sense of who I truly am and what I will truly put up with.
So, here is my un-fairy tale stories:

Mr Frog-Mountain-Biker,

My Space it was so cool to a 26 year old who never even really used the internet. I couldn’t believe that I was chatting with a gorgeous, tall (according to his stats) Christian guy who was also near my age…yeeeee. He asked to friend me on My Space, I actually didn’t hunt this one down for a change. He seemed like a nice enough guy and as we begun to IM and chat more and more through the site we shared things we liked. Wait, he shared what he liked and I being the kind of woman who apparently tries to make herself into what guys want agreed with whatever he liked and said I did it too.

Which apparently included mountain biking. Now, let me tell you I knew how to ride a bike, a ten speed which had never touched a mountain trail. Oh, and at that time I didn’t even have the ten-speed let alone a mountain bike. So, he asked me out and we were going to meet at a church he attended and go to lunch after.

When I met him for the first time his pictures on My Space did not lie, he was sooo purdy. He was truly tall too, which me being 5’8 is important, but I digress. While we were having lunch we got on the subject of mountain biking, because it was a passion of his and apparently mine too at that moment and time. And some how we got to the point of agreeing to go to a bicycle store right afterwords. He was very informative and knowledgeable on what type of bike and equipment you should get if you are going to purchase a bike.

I never thought that this date would end up being one of the most expensive dates I have ever been on. Because I sooo wanted to impress him, I walked out of that Bicycle shop with a 300 dollar bike, helmet and a tire pump. Did I have that kind of money to buy a bike, hell no! But what are credit cards for than to buy crap you don’t need only to go on one bike ride with the blond biker and that would be that.

Needless to say I now have a 300 dollar bike with flat tires sitting in my storage unit and I can count on both hands how many times I have used it. Yup, mountain biking is not my passion. So, what did I learn…to keep my credit card at home when on any future dates, and just say, “Cool hobbies you like, I like to sit on my ass and watch Friends…wanna go see a movie?”


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My French Riviera

I have a nice town home that I love and that is updated mostly. The one spot that was not upgraded was my Master Bath. The woman who lived in this house before me loved neutral colors, we are talking the color of cinnamon pop tart. The counter top was a cream confection of scratched laminate. So, I decided to bring in the color.


It took me about two years of living in my town home to get up the courage to go and pick out paint. I was full of anxiety to pick out paint because that meant I actually owned my town home and I could do what I wanted to it. I knew what color I wanted and I had the 64 dollars to buy the two gallons of paint. Which I needed two because you can’t see it but this bathroom is 20 feet tall, crazy I know. So, I put on my big girl bloomers went to Lowe’s and purchased my French Riviera.

What a difference color in a master bath makes. I found the shower curtain at Target, one of my favorite stores to shop at, got it for about $20.00. Once, I slapped paint on the wall my anxiety went away, but the fact that I had to climb up a freak’n 15 foot ladder was a little disconcerting. But I did it with the help of my Dad who I made sure didn’t crawl up the ladder, cuz who needs their dad splattered on the master bath floor, not this chica.


 This color is so much fun and I did have to put two coats on and only ended up using one and a third gallons of paint. Now, the toilet and sink need to be switched out which is coming in the future. I also need to figure out if I want to pay for a person to spray paint my bathtub or if I can learn about it. I guess I will figure it out. It took my two years but hey my bathroom is coming together. Now, I gotta go buy some towels ooohhh what color to get…darn it more anxiety.


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Resolutions Shmeza-lutions

Okay, so my quitting soda pop for one year is out the door.  I did go 8 days straight without having a pop, which is really good for me.  I now have had about 7 pops for the month, which is waaaay down for me.  I am a one a day pop drinker and only having 7 pops by the 16th puts me at about 50% reduced.  Whoo hooo!

So, resolutions never work for me, because I set my goals way to high so that they are unattainable.  I truly need to learn to take small steps instead of trying to fix things (namely me) by leaps and bounds.  No wonder I give up on myself because at times I am too hard on me.  But there is also another draw back I can be too easy also.  Grrrr…really need to find a balance.

Balance is truly one of the most difficult things to find in your life.  I aways seem to go to one extreme to the next.  By learning how to slow down and pace myself it will help me focus and bring balance to this chaotic life of mine.  Okay, here goes small steps this week:

  • I will track my calories on the
  • I will try to not have a pop this week, but if I crave one I will allow myself up two.
  • I will go to the gym at least 3 times.

Okay, I think these are doable.  I really want my focus this year on learning to take better care of myself, respecting myself and doing things I will enjoy.  I have lived on auto-pilot long enough and it is time for me to go live instead of hiding in my townhouse away from the real world.  If I want to change it begins with me and my thoughts.  Time for a new me for this new year.

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Weigh-in Monday…I mean Wednesday

So, I am a little late in posting my Weigh-in for Monday due to staying home and vegging and I do not have internet at my house.  I weighed myself today and I am 179 lbs, which doesn’t mean much because I am good at losing one pound.  I have made a resolution this year and I really believe I can stick to it.  Okay, here goes…I…am…giving…up…pop…yikes!

 I am giving up pop for one year and so far I am 4 days in and going strong.  Now, lets see what this will look like by next Monday hmmm.  I needed to do something because this weight does not sit well on me.  I am also still working towards my other goal of running two hours straight by May 20th because that is when the Colfax Marathon is and I will be running the half.  It will be my 4th half marathon and I am looking to do better time.

I begun to realize that I eat and drink things like soda-pop and I don’t know why because it doesn’t taste that great to me all that often so why do I continue to stuff this crap into my body.  It is habit, a bad habit that has been easy to continue to do because I have become mindless at it.  So, I am working on not being mindless with my eating.  So, here’s to a new year of being mindful of myself and eating and drinking.  I new year and a new body.  I here I come now I gotta go to the gym and run for awhile.

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Dreaming My Life Away

Dreams can be fun, amazing scary and creative.  I have always been a day dreamer.  The escape into my own imaginary world drew me and still draws me to this day.  It was a way for me to have what I want that I couldn’t seem to obtain in my physical world.

In my dreams I look freak’n amazing, toned, shaped and gorgeous in my eyes.  I always have a fun and exciting personality that draws people, especially gorgeous men who look like Alcide from True Blood…yummy yummy.  Also, I have amazing luck with jobs and money and I am nothing like I am in real life but, oh, how I wish I could be that woman in my day dreams.  I always wondered if I can dream it, it must be within me to become that person who I dream of.  Or do I dream too big?  Or dream of things that can never be within my reach?

I feel as if I have being dreaming my life away.  Sometimes I look forward to closing my eyes at night so I can let my brain go wild with wonderful images of adventure, love, acceptance and change.  I know it is a form of escape and I need to learn to live in the present, but my present is not what I want it to be and it seems when I do make major changes, such as quitting my awful job, I still can’t bring about what I desire in my head.  My path I am meant to take seems very elusive and I never seem to stumble onto the right one.  Is there truly one path or multitudes and it is okay to jump one to another?

My dreams should really be turned into stories to share because, boy, do I come up with some amazing scenarios and funny incidents.  I will work on living more in the present and I am learning to truly love the woman I am today.  Dreams can become reality it is just a matter of how bad I want it to happen and how hard I am willing to work at it.  I will learn to pick the dreams that are obtainable and true to the person I am and who I know I can become.

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Monday Weigh-in

  Well here is the before and after pictures, usually the one on the right is the before but unfortunately it is the after.  I have gained over 50 pounds in the last 10 years.  The left picture which was taken two years ago was when I lost 20 pounds put only because I was barely eating.  And let me tell you I was sick all the time, had the shakes and dizziness, probably from not eating enough.  I looked amazing for my sister’s wedding but the weight staying off didn’t last long because…well…I like food and started eating full meals again, and not only gained the 20 back but ten more and hit my heaviest of 190. 

When I hit that weight I was miserable and on top of it developed a back pain that wasn’t going away.  I am in my 30’s and don’t need to feel and act like I am 90 but I felt that way in the beginning of the year.  The funny thing was I still ran a half marathon in May and it only took me 2 and 1/2 hours to complete, I was down by then to 160 lbs which was due to a stressful job that helped me drop 30 pounds in a month…can you say unhealthy.   So needless to say after I quit that very stressful and unfulfilling job I gained all the weight back again (sigh).

So, here I look at the end of a year and the beginning of a new one and I have decided to grow up.  Yup, I am going to finally act my age and learn to eat my veggies, fruit and lean meats.  I really love sweets (oh Pepsi’s how I love thee), and Carbs, lots and lots of Carbs.  It is time to lose weight the healthy way and to be happy with my body.  I am a big believer in loving yourself no matter the shape and I do love me, but I plan on loving me more when I lose the excess weight around my middle, plus I want to be a healthy for myself and so that I look better as I age instead of, “That girl who used to be pretty.”

Here are my starting numbers for this coming year and keep in mind I am only 5’8:

Weight: 180 lbs

Waist: 34 in

Hips: 44 in

Thigh: 25 in

Arms: 12.5 in

Okay, here I come 2012 I want to dig out the body I know I have.  I want to become that athletic woman I know that is kicking to get out.  Time for a new way of living and eating.


2012 here I come

2011 is coming to an end soon…phew.

It has been a crazy year of weight gain, back pain, and a baby boy.  Choosing happiness by taking a leap of faith and leaving a job without a job in place and only three months of savings.  Meeting my brand new nephew who means the whole world to me.  Helping my sister and her husband move up to Fort Collins.

Getting two jobs and working 50 hour weeks but I still have time to begin to create my own life now.  And that is what I want to work on for 2012.

I am tired of myself and ready to begin change in my life.  I have been a big dull dud for the past 10 years and the time has come to stop just getting by and to start living.  To stop  using excuses for why I am the way I am.  Change is gonna happen ya’ll.  Here is a few points I am going to be working on:

Weight Loss

Running two hours straight by May 20th

Joining a Meet Up group at least once to two times a month whether it be a running group, book club or a wine tasting

Finding my professional job

Writing 15 minutes a day

Finishing painting the trim in my closet

Save up to remodel my master bath

Actually go on a few dates this year, didn’t go on any for 2011

To cut down on my TV watching

I really have a lot this is only a few things I want to do and try to change through out the year 2012.  This blog is for me, a journal really to talk about my ups and downs and how also one of my goals to write it every day…so now I gotta find wireless internet everyday.

Well, this single woman needs to go to bed.


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