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2012 here I come

on December 26, 2011

2011 is coming to an end soon…phew.

It has been a crazy year of weight gain, back pain, and a baby boy.  Choosing happiness by taking a leap of faith and leaving a job without a job in place and only three months of savings.  Meeting my brand new nephew who means the whole world to me.  Helping my sister and her husband move up to Fort Collins.

Getting two jobs and working 50 hour weeks but I still have time to begin to create my own life now.  And that is what I want to work on for 2012.

I am tired of myself and ready to begin change in my life.  I have been a big dull dud for the past 10 years and the time has come to stop just getting by and to start living.  To stop  using excuses for why I am the way I am.  Change is gonna happen ya’ll.  Here is a few points I am going to be working on:

Weight Loss

Running two hours straight by May 20th

Joining a Meet Up group at least once to two times a month whether it be a running group, book club or a wine tasting

Finding my professional job

Writing 15 minutes a day

Finishing painting the trim in my closet

Save up to remodel my master bath

Actually go on a few dates this year, didn’t go on any for 2011

To cut down on my TV watching

I really have a lot this is only a few things I want to do and try to change through out the year 2012.  This blog is for me, a journal really to talk about my ups and downs and how also one of my goals to write it every day…so now I gotta find wireless internet everyday.

Well, this single woman needs to go to bed.



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