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My French Riviera

on August 24, 2013

I have a nice town home that I love and that is updated mostly. The one spot that was not upgraded was my Master Bath. The woman who lived in this house before me loved neutral colors, we are talking the color of cinnamon pop tart. The counter top was a cream confection of scratched laminate. So, I decided to bring in the color.


It took me about two years of living in my town home to get up the courage to go and pick out paint. I was full of anxiety to pick out paint because that meant I actually owned my town home and I could do what I wanted to it. I knew what color I wanted and I had the 64 dollars to buy the two gallons of paint. Which I needed two because you can’t see it but this bathroom is 20 feet tall, crazy I know. So, I put on my big girl bloomers went to Lowe’s and purchased my French Riviera.

What a difference color in a master bath makes. I found the shower curtain at Target, one of my favorite stores to shop at, got it for about $20.00. Once, I slapped paint on the wall my anxiety went away, but the fact that I had to climb up a freak’n 15 foot ladder was a little disconcerting. But I did it with the help of my Dad who I made sure didn’t crawl up the ladder, cuz who needs their dad splattered on the master bath floor, not this chica.


 This color is so much fun and I did have to put two coats on and only ended up using one and a third gallons of paint. Now, the toilet and sink need to be switched out which is coming in the future. I also need to figure out if I want to pay for a person to spray paint my bathtub or if I can learn about it. I guess I will figure it out. It took my two years but hey my bathroom is coming together. Now, I gotta go buy some towels ooohhh what color to get…darn it more anxiety.



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