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My Frogs

on August 26, 2013


Being a single woman can be great at times, freeing, frustrating and surprising. I myself have gone on quite a few dates and some of those dates have ranged from interesting, weird, expensive, hurtful, flirtatious and boring. I have been told you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find that one who is disguised as your prince. Well so far I am batting a zero in the prince department but the frogs that I have encountered have each taught me something about myself. Dating all these different guys has been helpful in developing who I am becoming…a woman who likes her queen size bed to herself, I joke, I joke. Seriously though all these different kinds of dates I have gone on has me developing a strong sense of who I truly am and what I will truly put up with.
So, here is my un-fairy tale stories:

Mr Frog-Mountain-Biker,

My Space it was so cool to a 26 year old who never even really used the internet. I couldn’t believe that I was chatting with a gorgeous, tall (according to his stats) Christian guy who was also near my age…yeeeee. He asked to friend me on My Space, I actually didn’t hunt this one down for a change. He seemed like a nice enough guy and as we begun to IM and chat more and more through the site we shared things we liked. Wait, he shared what he liked and I being the kind of woman who apparently tries to make herself into what guys want agreed with whatever he liked and said I did it too.

Which apparently included mountain biking. Now, let me tell you I knew how to ride a bike, a ten speed which had never touched a mountain trail. Oh, and at that time I didn’t even have the ten-speed let alone a mountain bike. So, he asked me out and we were going to meet at a church he attended and go to lunch after.

When I met him for the first time his pictures on My Space did not lie, he was sooo purdy. He was truly tall too, which me being 5’8 is important, but I digress. While we were having lunch we got on the subject of mountain biking, because it was a passion of his and apparently mine too at that moment and time. And some how we got to the point of agreeing to go to a bicycle store right afterwords. He was very informative and knowledgeable on what type of bike and equipment you should get if you are going to purchase a bike.

I never thought that this date would end up being one of the most expensive dates I have ever been on. Because I sooo wanted to impress him, I walked out of that Bicycle shop with a 300 dollar bike, helmet and a tire pump. Did I have that kind of money to buy a bike, hell no! But what are credit cards for than to buy crap you don’t need only to go on one bike ride with the blond biker and that would be that.

Needless to say I now have a 300 dollar bike with flat tires sitting in my storage unit and I can count on both hands how many times I have used it. Yup, mountain biking is not my passion. So, what did I learn…to keep my credit card at home when on any future dates, and just say, “Cool hobbies you like, I like to sit on my ass and watch Friends…wanna go see a movie?”



One response to “My Frogs

  1. Don’t change who you are to impress; when you do, you let yourself down. From 56 years of collected wisdom 😉

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