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I Want a Minion

on September 29, 2013

Bee Doo

Sometimes being single can be frustrating especially when you would like someone there to help you move furniture, put lotion on your back for the pool or even to be a motivator. So, I awoke not too long ago and realized to bad that the Despicable Me minion’s are cartoons and not real, because wouldn’t it be fun to have a few around for entertainment, help and encouragement.

I could perfectly picture having a couple of minions especially now that I want to take up running again. I picture them rowing in a boat that is on wheels of course, rowing backwards down the street. Don’t know why I picture them in a boat on land but I do. One yellow little guy in his blue overalls and goggle holding a bull horn and saying bee doo bee doo, as I run behind the boat training for my marathon. I can also see the other little minion rowing the boat becoming annoyed with the bee doo bee doo’er and jumping on him and pummeling him to get him to stop.

Boy, that would be so enjoyable to experience. They would be a source of so much laughter. Oh, well I guess I will have to stick with my human minions my two nephews and niece, I at least got my nephew Josh to say bee doo bee doo often. Now I wonder if his mom would get mad if I painted him yellow and dressed him in overalls and goggles, we shall see what happens…



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