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2014 Resolutions

on February 1, 2014

   ImageResolutions Suck!  Well, they do for me because I have a tendency to try to do to much in too little time.  Like: must learn to knit in two days; train and run marathon in a month; or lose 30 lbs in one week.  Yup, not gonna happen.  So, my resolutions are short lived but I think I have come up with a good solution.  I am going to do mini-resolutions and make them realistic.  

    It’s time to change things up and to do it in an efficient manner.  Time to pick little goals I know I can stick to each month.  And guess what?!  My first mini-resolution is over with and I have completed it.   I decided that I want to write a book, cuz I have a lot of crazy shit flying around in my head.  So what better way to put all my funny, scary and loving thoughts into a book.  My first mini-resolution is to write in my book every day of January even if it’s one word or many.  

     Yup, this woman actually stuck to her resolution, I am doing my own boogie dance in front of the computer…hooray!  Okay, so I am capable of sticking to resolutions just as long as I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  

   So, here comes February and I have decided to give up sugar, yup you heard me right sugar.  28 days without the white sugary goodness.  I am gonna craaaaash.  Well, let’s see how I do.  Here’s to the month of love and no yummy treats full of the white sugar that is my crack.  




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